I count my blessings still that I didn’t deal with much for morning sickness, but I know people that have had it so bad they are on medication or even end up in the hospital for fluids. It’s no joke. And if you’re experiencing it, you know it’s no fun. This list is a few tips on how to handle morning sickness without medication. Of course, if it’s bad, please go see your doctor. These are just some tips and tricks of morning sickness management to help you get through the mild symptoms.

1. Eat sour candy

This one was really helpful to me. A co-worker told me about it and I thought he was nuts until I tried it! Sour patch kids, warheads, or there are even specific candies on the market that are made for morning sickness. While it’s not a long-term fix, it will help.

sour candy for morning sickness
2. Pressure Band 

They make bands that put pressure on the wrist that are supposed to put pressure on a spot that can help manage or eliminate the symptoms of morning sickness.

3. Dress Comfortably

Tight clothes put extra pressure on the gut, which can actually make the nausea worse. Wear looser fitting pants or leggings to help ease the pressure.

loose clothes for morning sickness
4. Figure out Stomach Friendly Foods

For me, I couldn’t get enough of egg and cheese biscuits for breakfast, as well as chocolate chip muffins. Eating these, or peanut butter toast were some things that helped settle my stomach. Some people it may be crackers or cereal. Find what works for your stomach.

5. Stay hydrated

It can be hard, but staying hydrated can help you from ending up needing IV fluids. I found that sparkling water helped my stomach so I stocked up on La Croix.

water for hydration
6. Try some sweets

They say that sweets can help with nausea. My doctor told me to eat what would stay down until the morning sickness subsided. Now that’s not a free pass to eat pizza and McDonalds for every meal, but when you’re feeling sick, eat what works for you.

7. Bring some bags with you

In case of an episode in the car or on the go, have a bag with you to prevent any messes. While nobody wants this to happen, it’s much easier to throw a bag away than cleaning out the carpet of your car.

8. Carry some mints, mouth wash, or a toothbrush

In the event of an episode, have something to freshen up with on you. This will help you stay fresh. 

toothbrush and toothpaste
9. Snack at night

I would wake up with terrible nausea in the morning if I didn’t eat something right before bed or even sometimes in the middle of the night. If you wake up feeling nauseated, eat a piece of bread or some crackers.

10. Lay down

If you’re feeling really nauseated, lay down if you can. Take some deep breaths and rest your eyes. This can really help the nausea subside.

This is a list of morning sickness management is some ideas to help you manage your morning sickness. If you’re really struggling, be sure to talk to your OBGYN or Midwife about your symptoms as it may be more serious than mild morning sickness. Have a tip or trick that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below!