This is the second year we will be celebrating Father’s day in our house as parents and if your family is anything like mine, dad is one heck of a person to buy for! Unless we’re talking expensive electronics, it seems he doesn’t want or need anything. Now I’m not the greatest about getting gifts ahead of time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to celebrate the day. I wanted to put this post together with ample time for moms, children, and family to be able to prepare their favorite dad’s a great gift. So keep on reading to see some great Father’s day gift ideas for dads of all types.

So what do I get this hard to shop for dad for Father’s Day? Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas I love!

You will need to figure out what type of gift you want to give dad for starters. Is he starting a new chapter (new job, new child on the way, moved to a new house)? If so get something related to that, so if it’s a new job maybe you get him a customized leather notebook or if he works in a shop, maybe a new hat or something to hang in his workspace. If it’s a new baby, get him something like a nice coffee mug or a gift card for uber eats or his favorite restaurant so you can have a great meal at home. Moving into a new home, how about something for his man cave. If he likes beer, maybe his own personal mini fridge or set of beer mugs, sign for the shop, or something specific to his favorite room in the house!

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So what if there are no life changes happening?

There are plenty of Father’s day gift ideas for a dad that isn’t going through any major life changes. Does he work in an office? How about a custom mousepad from Shutterfly, or a framed photo to place on his desk of the family. Maybe get him a custom wallet with his initials, maybe birthdates of kids, names or monograms of children, etc. These are found all over on Etsy! You could do something for him in the man cave if he has one, such as a sign to hang on the wall or a small accessory that goes with his favorite electronic (game for his game system, new remote for the tv, sound system or speakers, mini-fridge, or a headset. 

What are his hobbies?

Does dad love to fish or hunt? Get him some accessories for his tacklebox (new lures, hooks, bobbers, etc.) or maybe a new camo piece for his hunting collection. If he’s into something like racing loves watching a particular sport, get him a shirt or something from his favorite athlete. Jerseys are expensive, but t-shirts can commonly be found at stores like Target and Walmart for much cheaper. Is he into grilling or cooking? Kitchen and BBQ accessories are easy and usually a hit! Think about a set of different BBQ sauces and a new silicone application brush or a ceramic vegetable grilling basket.

Can’t spend money? No problem!

Money’s tight for many of us, especially during these uncertain times with layoffs and other COVID-19 madness. In those situations, don’t fret as there are many options for things you can do for dad. Start by making him breakfast. Maybe make some of these delicious fruity chocolate chip baked oatmeal or some healthy nutty sticky buns If dad isn’t really into healthier options, there are always eggs and bacon or pancakes. You could also let dad sleep in. Make him a great lunch on the grill (burgers, a steak, or if your family doesn’t eat meat, go for some grilled veggies!

Not into food? How about some crafts. Does he need a new keychain? You can make him custom keychain or a lanyard for his work badge. Maybe do his laundry or make him a coupon book of things he can get from home (a massage, a night off, a night with the boys, home-cooked meal of choice,  a night where he gets to watch whatever he wants, etc). This one can be as creative as you want it to be!

Gifts of experience are also great. Whether it be an event or something simple like a day out at the state park, fishing, beach/lake, or even a day outside in the backyard, you can make a fun day for dad with little investment Heading to a state park is generally quite cheap, beaches or lakes are free aside from potentially paying for parking, and hanging out in the backyard is free. Take him to a movie or bowling for a fairly inexpensive date!

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This list is not all inclusive, but hopefully provided you some great ideas on what to do for or get dad for father’s day! I’d love to hear what you plan or did for father’s day. Any great ideas I should add? Include it in the comments below. 🙂