If you think you know nothing about what to expect, trust me, I was right there with you. I had NEVER changed a diaper prior to my daughter being born. Not even on a doll. So my first diaper change was about 2 hours after I gave birth and was all hopped up on adrenaline and could barely walk. Now all I knew going into this was that we would want to use a sensitive diaper because both my husband and I have sensitive skin, and I’ve heard some crazy diaper rash stories. So long story short, we tried about every brand on the market and I can share with you my experiences in this diaper brand reviews post!

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Diaper Brand Reviews

Mama Bear by Amazon

This brand of diapers was what we used for newborn size as well as some of size 1. They are priced more affordable than brands like Honest, Pampers Pure, Hello Bello, or Seventh Generation, however they still make the claims that they don’t use fragrances and are hypoallergenic. We really liked these diapers for newborn size, but she outgrew the size 1 diapers really fast and boy oh boy did we deal with blowouts. However I would recommend them, at least early on. With a price of $36.99 for 4 packs of diapers, they ring in just slightly more expensive than Kirkland brand.


Honest Brand (Best Splurge Worthy Diaper)

I hate to admit it, but Honest has been our favorite brand to date. We’ve tried almost every brand on the market but keep coming back. The price is intimidating so we shop for sales. Amazon does some deal of the days or flash sales on these diapers occasionally so we will stock up and pay almost half the price! The diapers fit well and don’t irritate the skin. 

The things we love about these diapers is the double cuff is relatively tight so if there is any leakage, it usually is held back by the second cuff. There is a little bit of elastic along the waistband in back to give just a little extra sealing for those poops that go straight up the back. Plus they have fun designs (this is just a bonus, but I promise you we are not buying them because they look cute. 

They also make overnight diapers. As she’s gotten older, we started encountering leaks overnight. We were sizing up overnight, but still having issues. We were recommended Pamper’s Overnights, so I gave them a try and we had HORRIBLE luck. I’ll talk more to those in a later section. Anyway, again we paid a bit extra for the Honest diapers, but haven’t had a leak since.

Hello Bello

This diaper line was made by Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell so what’s not to love? We used these on occasion if we were running low on diapers waiting for an order when our daughter was in NB sizes (which she was in for almost two months and we were only expecting a couple of weeks). We liked them a lot when she was little. They did a good job of holding in poop and didn’t leak. However they did get slightly damp feeling on the outside when they got really full.

We tried them again when she was in size 3s and had some major issues with blowouts. This was not a size issue, as we had been using two other brands at the time and both were size 3 so there was just something to the fit and our little one’s body shape. The diapers have similar claims to Honest for a lower price. Personally, we wouldn’t use these again, I still would recommend trying them because every baby has a different shape and quality-wise they aren’t bad for the price.

Pamper’s Pure (Splurge Worthy)

This one has been one of our favorites to date. We’ve found a few good deals on these so when we do, we get a month or so supply and have had great luck with them. Again the sport the claims of good for sensitive skin, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic. I’d rate these similar to Honest brand, but they don’t go on discount as often so you’re likely going to be stuck paying $.30+ a diaper. If price isn’t an issue, these are really good quality. We had very little issues with leaking or blowouts. The only thing I didn’t really like about these as much is that the waistband doesn’t have the elastic in the back like the Honest brand diapers do.

Also these diapers run quite big. In comparison to Honest or Kirkland brands they are significantly larger. At one point we had a month supply of Honest, these, and some of the Kirkland so we used the Honest first, Kirkland second, and finally the Pampers. It was almost like there were different sizes to the same size diaper. 

Earth and Eden 

This is another Amazon brand. They are more in the realm of Hello Bello or Kirkland quality diapers. They are newer to the market so when we tried them, there really wasn’t much for reviews out there. Quality wise, they were definitely thinner diapers and we had a lot of issues with leaking. I felt size wise they were on the smaller side of the spectrum. They didn’t irritate our daughter’s skin, which was nice, but I couldn’t handle the pee leaks during the day. This was one I so wanted to like because they are great price (just slightly higher than Kirkland). Again, even if they didn’t work for us, I’d say they are worth giving a try. If you have issues you can contact customer service and they might let you return them if there are only a few gone from the box.

Kirkland Brand (All Around Best Value)

The Costco diapers have been our go-to diapers. They’re really affordable, gentle on the skin, and seem to do a good job of holding it all in. We have had very few leaks and bad blowouts in these other than when we know it’s time to move up a size. Also we have friends that use these and report similar. They’re one of the cheapest diapers on the market other than Luvs, Parent’s Choice, and other generic brands, but from what I have found online, they are made fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. We use these unless we find a deal on Honest or Pamper’s Pure that make the price per diaper comparable to these. If you have a Costco membership, I highly recommend these. 

Pamper’s Swaddlers

We only used these for a short time because we ended up with about 2 weeks worth when we came home from the hospital. They were fine diapers, didn’t have any issues with blowouts or leaks, and also no issues with diaper rash. Though we didn’t have any issues, they aren’t as clean label as the other brands we prefer, and the price is significantly higher than the other brands. If we are going to splurge, we will splurge on the Pure line or Honest brand. Nothing against these, just wasn’t what we wanted. They are a very popular line and I know plenty of parents that use them, so if you’re on the fence I’d give them a try.

Huggies Little Snugglers

I have to say this is one brand that I will not buy again. We ended up with a fairly large bag of these on an accident because we forgot the diaper bag and just needed something at the time and this was all that the store had in her size. These make no special claims like the Honest other than hypoallergenic. They do have an elastic waistband like the Honest brand, but the secondary layer cuffs were terrible. I felt we had to fold them out on every diaper we put on her.

Not only that but we had a few blowouts SO bad it got to the point where to use them up we would wait until she pooped in a different brand and then use these after in hopes that we wouldn’t have another poopy diaper. I think it was likely the shape of her body because she is pretty long and thin but we were not impressed. They may fit better if your little one has a wider bottom, but we definitely struggled to use these.

Cloud Island

This is a Target brand that is in the more gentle realm of generic brands. at the time when we were still figuring things out, we used these a few times to get between our online orders. We liked them because they were priced better than Honest or Pamper’s Pure but are chlorine, fragrance, latex, and lotion free. They worked well until we hit a couple of bags that must have had an issue during production. The cuffs were folded funny on one side and EVERY single poop was a blowout. Even if it was just a little bit. We returned them and haven’t tried them again. That was just our bad experience, but they are still a good quality diaper.

Diapers by Price Point

These will always vary based on sales and sizing but I’m just going to put them in general categories so you can get an idea of where the brands fall. This also includes brands that I didn’t review in this article.

Best Value (~$.20/diaper for size 2)
  1. Kirkland Brand (Costco)
  2. Mama Bear (Amaz0n)
  3. Earth and Eden (Amazon)
  4. Luvs
  5. Parent’s Choice
  6. Up and Up
Mid-Range (~$.25/diaper for size 2)
  1. Pamper’s Swaddlers
  2. Huggies
  3. Hello Bello
  4. Cloud Island
Splurge (~$.30/diaper or higher for size 2)
  1. Honest
  2. Pamper’s Pure
  3. Seventh Generation
  4. Bambo
  5. Earth’s Best

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I know this is not EVERY brand of diaper on the market and my opinions are solely based on my baby and the few opinions of friends that have babies, but I wanted to at least put my experiences out there. Hopefully this post on diaper brand reviews may help some of you make a decision on what brand or brands you want to try for your little one.